Update for the Week Ending July 29, 2016

Site Remediation Continues

On-going activities:

  • Continued the application of water and calcium chloride for dust control;
  • Continued the application of odor-suppressant foam and BioSolve for odor and dust control;
  • Maintained erosion and sediment (E&S) controls (Installed waddles - wood chip and straw filled fabric tubes - around the Site perimeter to prevent silt and sediment from leaving the Site and covered all stockpiles);
  • Continued pumping from the decontamination pads and excavated areas to the water treatment plant (WTP);
  • Continued operation of the WTP and discharge to the sewer;
  • Continued lining and loading trucks and shipping impacted soil to Bayshore Soil Management for treatment and disposal:
    • 22 trucks; 599.44 tons shipped last week; and
    • 9,627.63 tons shipped to date.
  • Continued crushing clean excavated material for reuse as backfill in the deep excavation;
  • Conducted shallow excavation and backfilled select fill with compaction on the east and west sides of the support of excavation (SOE) wall;
  • Initiated plumbing the ground water extraction wells and sumps to convey water from the deep excavation area to the WTP; and
  • Initiated the assembly of the expansion of the temporary containment building (TCB) over the deep excavation area.

Recently completed activities:

  • Completed installation of dewatering wells inside the SOE wall in preparation for the deep excavation.

Upcoming activities:

  • Install electrical service for the dewatering pumps and lighting for the TCB;
  • Install the six vapor management system (VMS) units for the TCB;
  • Initiate abandonment of monitoring wells located within the excavation; and
  • Initiate the deep excavation within the SOE wall.

Community Air Monitoring Plan Summary

Community air monitoring, initiated on Tuesday, December 1, 2015, continues as intrusive (ground disturbance) activities are conducted.

There were no fifteen-minute Action Limit exceedances for Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) or odors during this reporting period.

There was one instance of the fifteen-minute average concentration of Particulate Matter (PM-10) [dust] exceeding the applicable Action Limit on July 27, 2016, due to dust generated while breaking clean concrete in the shallow excavation.  Additional water was sprayed on the concrete, and the dust levels decreased to below the Response Limit.

If you have any questions or comments about the work on the Site, please use the Williamsburg MGP Telephone Hotline at (718) 403-3053.

Photos of Activity

Installing a dewatering well on the eastern side of the SOE wall within the deep excavation area.

Installing piping from the ground water extraction wells to transfer water from the deep excavation to the WTP.

Conducting shallow excavation in the eastern areas of the Site.

Breaking clean concrete prior to crushing for reuse backfill in the deep excavation.

Offloading clean select fill for placement in the shallow excavation area.

Placing clean select fill in the shallow excavation areas.

Loading impacted soil in lined trucks for shipment to Bayshore Soil Management for treatment and disposal.

Expanding the TCB over the deep excavation area.

Cleaning the drill rig on the decontamination pad prior to demobilizing from the Site.