Williamsburg Works Interim Remedial Measure

The Pre-Design Investigation (PDI) field work for the 50 Kent Avenue Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) includes the installation of soil borings, monitoring wells, and test pits to gather information required to determine the design parameters of the interim remedial measure at the 50 Kent Avenue parcel of the Williamsburg Works MGP Site.

Activities Week of February 20-24, 2012

The PDI consultant completed photo documentation of existing site conditions.

The drilling subcontractor mobilized to the site, and began hand clearing boring locations.

The geophysical subcontractor began geophysical survey for the Utility and Subsurface Infrastructure Investigation. Approximately 60% of the scope of work was completed. They will return to complete the survey when materials located within survey area have been moved by NYC Parks Dept., the owner of the property.

Future (Two Week Look-Ahead) Activities:

February 27 – March 2 - hand clearing of boring locations will continue. Drilling of delineation borings will begin.

March 5 – March 9 - Drilling of delineation borings will continue. Drilling of geotechnical characterization borings will begin.